“I have been training with Emma three times a week for about five months, and it has been a very good period for me in terms of achieving and maintaining my fitness goals, which are primarily strengthening and resistance. 

The programs have been well designed, and Emma takes care to discuss with me what works and what should change each time we move to a new program. Emma is attentive to form and makes sure that corrections to my technique are made when necessary, explaining clearly and patiently. 

In the time that I’ve been working with Emma on the routine, I have felt like a lot of progress has been made. Emma has been very flexible and reliable with my timing needs, as I prefer early mornings, and we have very rarely had to skip a session. 

Emma’s style is very accommodating whilst still being motivating, as sometimes I am just focused on the exercises and other times I am a bit more upbeat, but either way she gets the most out of me in the session. 

This is the first time I have stuck for a long period with a trainer, and I am very happy to recommend Emma to anyone looking for a personal trainer.”