“Thanks to Emma, I have gained a lot of knowledge about macros, training and fitness in general during the past three months. She constantly explained to me why my macros were what they were which showed that she knew what she was doing. She replied to my questions within 24h and I find it a sign of dedication. When I started with Emma, I really struggled with muscle-mind connection with my back, biceps and quads. My squat form was also lacking and I wanted to learn how to cut in a healthy way.

So, we started with a reverse diet and focused on learning my metabolism and activating the muscle groups I struggled with. I got many useful tips and, well, the goal one has definitely been reached as I’m currently having sore back and biceps and my current program guarantees sore quads for me too, haha! I now know how to warm up and what kind of special techniques I can use in order to find a better muscle contact. We also paid attention to recovery which has done miracles for both health and progress.

As for squats, my form has improved although there’s still work to do. Emma gave me concrete instructions to fix my squat technique and they were quite easy to follow. Emma checked my form from the video clips I sent her and she noticed some mistakes I’ve never noticed before which really helped me forward. I got rid of my lower back pain (caused by butt wink) and even though I still consider myself as a poor squatter, I finally have hope with my squats! 

The cutting season is still on for me but so far it has gone well. I have learned enough about the cutting process to try my own wings for a month and Emma provided clear instructions for this “independent period” as well so I feel like this online coaching has really been worth the money. 

Emma has been super supportive, encouraging and kind. She listened to my wishes according to the training programs and I can tell you that this girl goes far! She has passion, knowledge and a good heart. I’ll definitely continue the 1 on 1 online coaching with her after the independent period, and I strongly recommend her services <3″