Vegan Sydney

Sydney was an absolute vegan paradise. I stayed there for two weeks, which wasn’t nearly enough to explore all the amazing vegan places out there. I decided to put together a little top 5 vegan guide for Sydney, so if you are heading there, make sure to try these places out. You will not be … Continue reading Vegan Sydney

Life in a paradise – highlights of Maldives

Since I was a little girl I've had this weird obsession with Maldives. I have no idea where it stems from, but only thing I knew is that I need to go there. That's literally the only reason I chose Maldives to be my first "long distance" destination. I flew out to Maldives from Frankfurt … Continue reading Life in a paradise – highlights of Maldives

Vegan Berlin

After Tomorrowland I spent a couple of days in Brussels, and then headed to Berlin for a week full of vegan food and training. I fell in love with the city, because everywhere you go, there is a vegan option! I decided to put together my top 5 list of the places you should definitely … Continue reading Vegan Berlin