Founded by Emma Seiteri in December 2018, Pro Plant Physique is a one of a kind approach to plant based fitness and competitive bodybuilding.

Emma used to be a competitive dancer but smoothly transitioned herself into the fitness industry and is now one of the leading vegan coaches out there, both online and in person. Emma specialises in lifestyle clients and vegan bikini athletes.

Emma has an impressive resume with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Physiology and Neuroscience with a Minor in Nutrition. She has competed in bikini competitions and is a current bikini champion for IFBB Pro League Australia Bendigo Country Classic. Currently Emma is prepping for her next show in early 2019.

Emma’s knowledge doesn’t end with her credentials, this is as there are some things no school can teach about vegan bodybuilding. Emma has specialised in vegan nutrition for vegan lifestyle clients and athletes. With her years of experience in vegan nutrition through her own personal journey as well as working with dozens of plant based clients; she has one of the most up to date approaches and knowledge about vegan nutrition for athletes.

Emma has seen it all. Because there is so much misleading information out there about vegan nutrition and bodybuilding, Emma decided to take a step in revolutionising the fitness industry! Being a vegan athlete has no downfalls as long as you know exactly what you are doing. Emma is a living example of how far you can go with a plant based diet!

Fitness is also a mental game, and as a fellow competitor, Emma knows exactly the level of dedication, commitment and persistence that is needed to reach your fitness goals. Emma is here to help you reach your full potential with vegan fitness. She will do this with her science based approach to vegan nutrition and training as well as a kind and emphatic way of working with clients. This will guarantee you the results you want and need!




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