My name is Emma and I’m a plant based bodybuilder. I’m at the moment prepping for my first IFBB bikini competition held in July 2018. I’m originally from Finland, but now living my dream in the best city in the world – Melbourne, Australia. I love sharing my vegan fitness journey over YouTube and other social media platforms to motivate, inspire and help those who are as enthusiastic about fitness, nutrition and health as I am.

I first became interested about bodybuilding June 2015. Since then I’ve fallen in love with the fitness industry and mentally challenging myself every single day with weightlifting and the rigid lifestyle bodybuilding requires.

After being educated about the environmental impact of factory farming and the health benefits of plant based diet as well as facing the ethical issues of consuming animal products I turned vegan November 2015. Since then I’ve been educating and sharing my journey with all the struggles and achievements and being as transparent as possible, since I want you to feel like you are my online friend, not just a number in the follower count.

Combination of my education in nutrition and physiology as well as my expertise in fitness and vegan lifestyle through my own personal journey has provided me with an unique approach to fitness, and I provide online coaching services for those who want to work with me towards their fitness goals.

I’m so blessed to be able to do what I do and to have you on board in my journey!

Love & light,