I have no idea why I don’t write more blog posts because I absolutely love writing and story telling! So I decided to pick up blogging again, this time I’m telling you guys about my Tomorrowland 2019 experience. I love reading other ravers’ festival experiences and I love to be able to live the whole experience again by writing and then later on reading these blogposts.

My first ever Tomorrowland was 2017 with the beautiful Amicorum Spectaculum (= Gathering of Friends) theme, that in my opinion had the most beautiful main stage to the date. It was such an amazing experience and it was still my favorite festival experience to the date even though I’ve been to A LOT of festivals since then.

My first Tomorrowland back in 2017

This time around I got the global journey package with a bus connection from Amsterdam. Funny fact, I actually met my boyfriend in Tomorrowland 2017! I bought the tickets this year as a surprise birthday present for him as I thought it would be a cute way to celebrate 2 years of knowing each other and kind of “close the circle”. Unfortunately last minute my boyfriend had to cancel because of his work commitments. So I invited one of my best friend to join me instead.

Our Tomorrowland started from Amsterdam on Thursday afternoon, where instead of a normal bus parking lot our bus waiting area was a beach club with sand, sun beds, good music, goodie bags, food and drinks. I did not expect anything less from Tomorrowland as it is such an exclusive and almost luxury like festival, at least if you are willing to spend a little more $$$.

The bus trip to Boom, Belgium isn’t too too long, but we still made a surprise stop half way through for a barbeque. So again chill vibes, good food, drinks and music was provided for us so we wouldn’t get too bored in the bus on our way to the festival.

We eventually got to Dreamville, which is the camping area of Tomorrowland. What are the odds, when we started to set up our tents the ONLY rain shower for the whole weekend decided to hit the camping area! I got into full execution mode and jumped into my tent immediately to not get totally soaked. After the little shower, setting up our tents and topping up our bracelets (Tomorrowland is a cashless festival and they use virtual currency called Pearls that is linked to your bracelet), it was time to relax.

Our neighbours at the campsite turned out to be the coolest people ever, as always! Literally the best part about festivals is the people you meet there, everyone is your best friend from the moment you meet, everybody is super polite and helpful and the level of acceptance and love is just so overwhelming! I wish we would all treat each other every day like we do at festivals, world would be such a beautiful place!

Before the actual festival starts on Friday, the campsite turns into a big pre party called the Gathering, as one stage is located in the camping area. That stage is literally bigger than Ultra main stage which tells about the size of this festival, as we are just talking about a little stage located at the camping area.

After yummy noodle burgers we cruised around the campsite, partied a bit at the Gathering but went to sleep quite early as the “main stage” music isn’t really our thing. I also got bad news that one of my super close friend who was supposed to join us couldn’t make it. It made me super upset and I didn’t really feel like partying anyways.

Magical Friday

First day of Tomorrowland started with reading the daily Tomorrowland newspaper while listening to good music and getting ready for the day. We headed to the festival area pretty early, because I wanted to walk through each stage with my friend as I’ve been to TML before but this was his first time.

Day one outfit. Photo by @ofi.visuals

Seeing the main stage for the first time is always an experience of its own, and so it was this year. The stage was beautiful with this year’s theme Book Of Wisdom, it looked like a library with little hints of past years’ themes.


Photos by @louisc_photography

The day was quite hot but we still ended up walking through each of the 16 stages. By the end of it I felt pretty exhausted and we sat down for a moment to have something to eat and rest. I was still not feeling 100%, but we kicked off Friday with Alok’s set on main stage.

I was really looking forward to seeing Alok, as his set was my favorite set at Tomorrowland two years ago. But this time his set was literally the biggest BS I’ve witnessed in a long time. 😀 He had totally sold his soul to the industry and he’s turned from unique brasilian bass DJ into this generic mainstream shit show every other DJ is. So it was a no from me after 20 minutes and we headed to a techno stage to chill out.

We cruised around a bit, from techno to trance to hardstyle. Q-Dance stage was my personal favorite of all Friday. Absolutely killed it there! After we left the hardstyle stage I was not feeling too too well as I think the heat, dehydration and walking around and dancing all day got the best of me.

Thankfully I had such nice people around me taking care of me. They helped me, lifted my legs up and stayed with me all times while I was feeling unwell. Again, festival atmosphere is so magical, everyone helps you out and truly cares about you. I was so blessed to have such amazing people around me!

I had to call it a day early, and we missed Above & Beyond and Eric Prydz Holosphere, where he performed inside a glowing sphere. I’m forever mad about it but I was feeling so sick we just had to call it a day, and walk the longest journey back to the camp site (the walk from the festival area to the campsite is like 4km).


Ofi Visuals - TML Jul19-9
Photos by @ofi.visuals

Incredible Saturday

I woke up the next day feeling much better, and started the day by eating Doritos for breakfast, having beer before coffee and listening to the best hardstyle bangers ever. Saturday was the main day for me, as literally every artist I REALLY wanted to see was performing that day. The highlight of the whole weekend was going to be Jauz, who is my musical inspiration and hands down my favorite DJ of all time.


Photos by @ofi.visuals

The weather all weekend was beautiful. We headed to the festival area for lunch, and we went to sit to the Q-Dance stage for our lunch. Fucking best lunch views and tunes, as we were watching the beautiful big sword and listening to Code Black and Brennan Heart while enjoying our lunch. Dream world!


Outfit for Saturday. Photos by @ofi.visuals

After that we headed to the Lotus stage for Mr Belt & Wezol, which was the funkiest set ever and I danced my life away, followed by Zonderling. We also got a glimpse of Ben Nicky at the Freedom Stage before the main set of the day – Jauz at the Garden of Madness.

I never ever do rail because I feel like you can’t really dance and the bass overpowers the melodies, but for Jauz I could not do anything less than head bang the whole set at the rail. It was literally the best set all weekend, and I’m still on cloud 9 because the set was THAT GOOD.

After that we headed back to Lotus to chill a bit, where we actually ended up staying for hours because the line up was just absolute perfection for chill sunset tunes: Dom Dolla following Nora En Pure and then Lost Frequencies live set. I was pretty tired after Jauz’s set so I didn’t dance around too much but I enjoyed the music from the bottom of my heart. Nora En Pure set was something so beautiful, I can’t!

Interestingly halfway through Dom Dolla’s set the power went out and the whole stage blacked out, which was pretty embarrassing for such a big and high end festival as Tomorrowland. The power cut lasted actually quite long, Dom Dolla had time to do a shooey (if you don’t know what it is, Google it) and everything while they were fixing the stage.

It was time to take it up a notch after the sun went down and we headed to the main stage for Armin Van Buuren’s set which was so fucking bomb that I’m still a starstruck, like wtf Armin is THE BOSS!!! I danced so hard it was no joke and the lightshow, fire works and atmosphere was truly magical. I’m still getting chills by even thinking of that set…

After Armin I got a glimpse of Tchami & Malaa at Lotus stage and got to cut a few shapes for a cheeky 10 minutes while my friend was getting more drinks. Then we headed to the Freedom Stage for Aly & Fila. That was another magical fucking bomb set. We finished the night off with Alison Wonderland, and she played all of my favorite songs so we ended the Saturday in a real high note, it was such a perfect day!

We headed back to camping area and I ended up walking around campsite and having beers with our neighbours. Funnily when I was wandering around the campsite I ran into a lost camper who was looking for help finding a specific camp area. Funnily when I asked, they were staying literally a few tents away from us so I walked my new friend back home.

I was just casually telling my life story to my new friend who literally thought I was just off my head bullsh***ing him even though everything I told was true! It really made me realise that wow I’ve really lived life. 😀

Best thing about festivals is the fact that so much random shit happens. After a while we actually realised that we are neighbours, IN REAL LIFE. These guys literally live almost next door to my home in Melbourne where I live. Such a small world!


Photos by @ofi.visuals


Glorious Sunday

Sunday I woke up not feeling good at all. I had a sore throat and blocked ears and I realised that I was really getting sick now.

We ended up hanging out with our new neighbours before heading to the festival area, drinking watermelon punch and I actually ended up doing my first shooey ever. 😀 Am I a proper Aussie yet? 😀 It was these boys who actually made Dom Dolla do his shooey the day before, so I had to! Thankfully I was wearing flip flops so it was pretty soft landing for the first shooey ever.

We ventured to the festival area, but by the time we got there only thing I could do was lay on the ground and shed a few tears because I was feeling so so sick. On top of that I poured a full glass of water over my bumbag, which had everything in it, my phone etc…

At that moment I gave up and thought I should just head back to the campsite and that my Tomorrowland 2019 is done. We did still make our way to the main stage and once I realised Robin Schulz was performing and he was playing Prayer on the C, I got this rush of energy and passion for music so I decided to stick around.

My outfit for Sunday. Photo by @ofi.visuals

I ended up staying at the main stage for KSHMR and Timmy Trumpet, and most of the time I was just laying on the ground because I just felt sick. I decided to get a few drinks and as I was listening to Timmy’s set and I saw a hot air balloon fly over the main stage and I just decided “ok, I’ve come all the way across the world here and paid all this money, so no matter what, this will to be the best night ever.” So I got up and jumped up and down till the end of his set.

Once I had regained my energy, I headed to the psytrance stage (how cool is that psy got its first ever own stage at TML??) to see Vini Vici, Infected Mushrooms live set and Blastoyz, and oh boy that was a ride. Especially Infected Mushroom was so legendary and unique that I can’t, and Blastoyz wow. There was not even time to breathe because it was just absolute hecticness from drop to drop to drop. Probably the best psy set I’ve seen until the date.

We finished the night off by getting the glimpse of the final act on main stage – 15 year spectacle, which truly was a spectacle. The lights and fireworks, just wow! Such a good way to finish off Tomorrowland 2019. I feel like Sunday was truly the best night of the whole weekend, you guys have no clue how much I enjoyed that psytrance stage, it was out of this world. After the festival finished, we ended up just sitting down and walking around the main stage looking at all the details of the stage to avoid the ocean of zombies trying to make their way back to the camp site.

Once we got back to the campsite we sat down and recapped the whole weekend with our neighbours, I was feeling so much happiness on how perfectly imperfect the weekend was and how we ended on a real high note.


I ended up having a really horrible sinus infection after Tomorrowland, so guys do what I say don’t do what I do haha, rest if you’re sick and don’t go around dancing in tiny clothes all night if you’re sick. That’s the moral of the story. I was really sick guys – and for an extended period of time, because I did not rest even though the symptoms started already on Friday.

Tomorrowland 2019 was such a rollercoaster for me, from seeing paramedics on day one to almost giving up on Sunday, but sticking around and ending up having the best night of all weekend. There was so many ups and downs and I truly felt all the feels. But how could you feel the real highs without the real lows? This weekend was truly one of the most memorable festivals, even though it was far from just rainbows.

Overall Tomorrowland didn’t disappoint. The atmosphere is so amazing, people there are the best part of the whole festival experience. I would recommend getting a VIP experience though, as queueing for drinks, food, water stations and toilets can sometimes be a headache.

If you want a magical four day escape from the real world Tomorrowland is for you. Every music genre is represented, there is everything for everyone and the production, sound systems, stages and every tiny detail is on point. People are spraying deodorant and applying sunscreen for you by the toilets, it’s clean everywhere and it’s just so well put together festival. You can’t even imagine how it is until you actually experience it. Absolute magic and madness.

I have experienced two Tomorrolands and I have no idea if this was my last or not. I really want to experience more big festivals like EDC, so the next big festival adventure could be something different. Though Tomorrowland will always have a special place in my heart and only time will show if I will be returning there for another epic party.

Read my Tomorrowland 2017 experience here!

Photo by @louisc_photography

Written by Emma Seiteri, 2019.

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