Sydney was an absolute vegan paradise. I stayed there for two weeks, which wasn’t nearly enough to explore all the amazing vegan places out there. I decided to put together a little top 5 vegan guide for Sydney, so if you are heading there, make sure to try these places out. You will not be disappointed!

*While in Sydney I was travelling with meat lover friends, so there is also a review from a carnivore point of view. *


1. Soul Burger

There is a reason I mention Soul Burger first. Out of all the vegan places I’ve tried in Sydney, Soul Burger was my absolute favorite. Soul Burger is fully vegan gourmet burger place with couple of different branches around Sydney. Their “beef” patties are out of this world; my meat loving friend could not tell the difference.

When I first went to Soul Burger, the hardest thing was to choose from the wide variety of burgers. They have mock beef, fish, chicken… Also the coconut milkshakes are worth to try, try ordering the vanilla coconut shake and dip your sweet potato fries in it, it’s from another world!

Find Soul Burger here: 111 Glebe Point Road / Website / Facebook / Instagram

2. Funky Pies

Funky Pies is a cute little food spot in Bondi. Pies are really Australian thing, and I wanted to try the famous traditional pies, but of course vegan! Funky Pies has a wide variety of different vegan pies, from traditional Australian ones to spicy Asian ones.

I believe we tried the mushroom and curry fillings, and both were phenomenal. My carnivore friend got absolutely obsessed with them, and will probably go there even without me just for the pies! And to get the full Australian pie experience, don’t forget to order your pie with peas, gravy and mashed potatoes. Absolutely delicious!

Pro tip: Try to head there for breakfast or lunch. We went to Funky Pies just before it was closing, and there was not too many options left because the place is so popular.

Find Funky Pies here: 2/144-148 Glenayr Ave / Website / Facebook / Instagram

3. Gelato Blue

Gelato Blue is fully vegan ice cream place in Newtown. I wanted to try it, but my expectations were not too high since I have been disappointed with vegan “ice creams” way too many times before (aka bitter icy sorbets). But when I walked inside Gelato Blue, I literally lost my shit.

There was no doubt nearly 30 different flavors, from casual chocolate and vanilla to all these weird cookie, honeycomb, waffle, and sprinkle combinations. There was so many options that it was actually hard to choose. I’ve had a lot of vegan ice creams in my life, but Gelato Blue was one of the best. If you go there, happen to be vegan and like ice cream, you will lose it. Just warning you!

Find Gelato Blue here: 318 King StreetFacebook / Instagram

Snapseed 2

4. Gigi

Gigi is probably the most famous vegan restaurant in Sydney. Located in Newtown, just as Gelato Blue, it is famous of its long queue that can continue around the block.

Gigi is a cozy and classy Italian place, that transformed to be fully vegan not that long time ago. I thought it must be good, because there is a queue EVERY SINGLE DAY. We got there with perfect timing, because there was “only” four groups in front of us. After 15 minutes of queueing, we got in.

I ordered margarita, because if a pizza place can make phenomenal margaritas, it must be a good place. I really liked the vibe and the atmosphere but to be honest, when I had the first bite of my pizza, it did not blow my mind. It was good, but it did not blow my mind. But I still thought that I have to mention this place because it must live up to its reputation. Maybe I just didn’t have their best dish or something went wrong with it. My friends enjoyed the food very much though! They said definitely worth the queueing.

Find Gigi here: 379 King StreetFacebook


5. Speedo’s Cafe

Speedo’s cafe is the only not fully vegan place in my listing. Speedo’s is located next to Bondi Beach, and again, we had to queue to get inside. Speedo’s have quite a healthy menu, and vegan option vary from smoothie bowls to healthy nutritious salads and vegan pancakes. This place is also very famous in Sydney.

We ordered couple of different smoothie bowls, and they were really fresh, pretty and delicious. I can just imagine how the rest of the menu is! The cafe has a perfect location with big nice windows facing the Bondi Beach. Relaxing place to kick back, enjoy the views, beach vibes and good food.

Find Speedo’s Cafe here: 126 Ramsgate Ave / Website / Facebook / Instagram


Because Australia’s reputation as a vegan paradise is not limited only to Sydney, I wanted to mention my top three favorite restaurant/fast food chains that serve amazing vegan food that you can find all around Australia.

1. Lord of the Fries

Where do I even start. Lord of the Fries is – from all the places I’ve tried in Australia – overall my absolute absolute favorite place! Lord of the Fries is FULLY VEGAN fast food burger chain, and it has absolutely mouthwatering menu.

Other people go to McDonald’s, I go to Lord of the Fries. Their burgers are hands down the yummiest fast food burgers I’ve ever had. Usually their branches are tiny with no seating, so it is a perfect takeaway after a night out or busy day out in the city.

I just love love love love their burgers, but their fries are not actually a big fuzz. Every time I’ve ordered fries, they are soggy, and who the hell likes soggy fries!?!?! So, skip the fries and focus on the burgers which are to die for. My favorite one is the original burger. Also the hot dogs are worth to try!

2. Hungry Jacks

Hungry Jacks is Australia’s own burger chain, and they offer a vegan option, if you know what to order. Their Veggie Whopper’s patty is actually vegan, so if you order that without cheese and mayo – voilà, you have a vegan burger! It is a good alternative, but little dry with no sauce, so I just drizzle it with a lot of ketchup and I’m good to go. If you need cheap food fast, opt for Hungry Jacks.

3. Grill’d

Grill’d is marketing their chain with a slogan “healthy burgers”. That is little controversial for a vegan, because 99% of their burger patties are made of beef. Though Grill’d have one vegan burger in their menu, and it is insanely good! I’ve stayed in Australia for almost seven weeks, and had that same burger at least four times, oops. And the sweet potato fries, oh my gosh. I could live off of them!

If you still want to get a close look of the places I’ve recommended, make sure to check out the video below for some footage from vegan food spots in Sydney!

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