As you guys already know, anywhere I go, I’m on a quest of finding a good gym. I decided to put together a little Bali gym guide for all of you who are looking for a good sweat session even whilst on holidays.

Below is a review of all the gyms I tried whilst travelling around Bali and Lombok area. Of course there is plenty of more good gyms around the area, but these are just the places I’ve visited and found good! (Prices in Rp.)

CrossFit Wanderlust

This was the absolute highlight of my training adventures in Bali. As the name probably already tells, CrossFit Wanderlust is not any ordinary gym, but a CrossFit box located in Canggu, Bali. CrossFit Wanderlust has a wide range of classes daily, as well as an open gym all day round. I had never tried CrossFit before stepping inside CrossFit Wanderlust, but because I like challenge, I decided to get the week pass straight away (costs 550k) instead of just one day pass (200k), meaning that I had to come back even if I hated it haha!

After my first class, I was beaten, shaking and about to pass out, but also freaking amazed how amazing form of workout CrossFit is. I thought that I’m fairly strong as a bodybuilder, but that first class beat me to shit honestly. But while I was on the edge of passing out, I knew that there was no going back. CrossFit had taken a little piece of my heart already.

The one week I trained in CrossFit Wanderlust was full of sweat, joy, challenges, “I WILL NEVER DO CROSSFIT AGAIN!!!” thoughts, lots of “vittu” (curse word in Finnish), laughter, beating old me, endorphins and such a pure joy of just working out! I did both CrossFit and Olympic lifting classes. I think that as a beginner taking the Olympic lifting classes were really helpful. Those classes are focused on technique, which was so important for someone who had never done cleans, jerks or snatches before.

Dave (the owner) is such a fun guy, and it was nice that I was able to film a lot of footage for my Instagram & YouTube. Some gyms are really not fine with filming, but Dave just smiled and encouraged me to do so. He understands the power of social media for sure!

After one week of intense classes and learning A LOT of new stuff I think there is no going back. I liked CrossFit so much that I guess it will stay at least in some ways in my training regime. Though most what I liked about Crossfit Wanderlust was the unique, fun and encouraging atmosphere!

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 10.59.56
Got to catch up with my favourite fit chick Kali Burns at CrossFit Wanderlust.

Find CrossFit Wanderlust here: Website / Facebook / Instagram

Hammerhead Gym

Hammerhead Gym was my favorite out of all the traditional gyms I tried in Bali. Hammerhead is located in Seminyak, quite close to Kuta area. Hammerhead is fully equipped gym with everything you would need for a good weightlifting session. A lot of free weights, machines and big area for functional training.

This gym was very local in my opinion, with couple of tourists here and there working out. There is different price list for locals and tourist, which was confusing to me, but a one time drop in cost 90k for non locals.

Just a warning before you expect anything more than a freaking sweaty mess workout, there is no gym in Bali with good enough AC to have a workout without being soaking wet after warm up sets. Hammerhead has AC and a lot of fans, but expect to look like a waterfall after first warm up sets, really.

The atmosphere is nice in Hammerhead, it is real bodybuilding gym, and apparently has some athletes competing in bodybuilding competitions. There is a good mixture of real hardcore bodybuilders, lifestyle athletes and beginners in the gym.

In my opinion Hammerhead is the best gym for bodybuilding in Bali, and the prices are not out of roof either. Has every equipment you need for a good workout and atmosphere is great!

Find Hammerhead Gym here: Website / Facebook

Ubud Fitness Center

When I got to Ubud, Google gave me only one option in Ubud area – Ubud Fitness Center. It is located maybe 10 minute walk away from the main road. This gym in nowhere near as equipped as Hammerhead, but still a good gym. It has the same prices, one time drop in is 90k.

Ubud Fitness Center had one really big pro – amazing jungle views! The gym had big windows with amazing green landscape. I might actually enjoy my cardio in those views haha! I got a good workout in there, though I had to become creative with some things, because there was not that much options when it comes to free weights like dumbbells or kettlebells.

The gym was pretty empty every time I went there, which is good! The atmosphere is quiet and easygoing. Only bad thing was the carpet. Whole gym was covered with carpet, even the squat rack. There was no squat platform, so I had to squat on top of a very soft carpet. So if you want to go heavy in Ubud Fitness Center, just don’t, if you don’t want to risk real injury.

If you are in Ubud area, I highly recommend this gym. You probably can’t find better one, and it is convenient distance from everything, as well as has all the basics you need for a good workout.

Find Ubud Fitness Center here: Facebook


GiliFit is the only gym located in Gili Islands, to be precise in Gili Trawangan. GiliFit is not just a gym, but a hostel as well. So if you want to workout whilst on Gili T, book GiliFit Hostel! Everyone who stays in the hostel will get a free access to the gym. If you come outside the hostel, one time drop in is 50k.

Gym is well equipped, but no AC whatsoever! The hostel and gym are not very tidy, but as a backpacker I was more than happy with the facilities. Same as with Ubud Fitness Center, this gym has all the basic stuff, but if you need something fancy, get creative.

As the only option in Gili Trawangan, it is a good choice. But remember that Gili T is known for its nightlife, so make sure you don’t get caught up in night clubs with drinks and shrooms and miss out next days workouts just because of that haha!

PSST BONUS! If you’d like to have a good workout outside the hot and humid gym, there is a little beach gym next to the The Exile bar and restaurant. Exile is located in the sunset beach, and the little charming outdoor gym has bench, barbells, plates, dumbbells… There is a lot of shade around, so it is a fun way to get a workout in while looking at the beautiful bright ocean views.

Find GiliFit here: Website / Facebook / Instagram

Here is some YouTube videos with footage on the gyms I went to. If you need more all round view of the gyms mentioned above, make sure you check these out!

Workout at Hammerhead Gym starts at 9:54:

Workout at CrossFit Wanderlust starts at 3:44:

Workout at CrossFit Wanderlust starts at 0:54:

Beach outdoor gym “workout” at Gili T starts at 1:37:

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