After Tomorrowland I spent a couple of days in Brussels, and then headed to Berlin for a week full of vegan food and training. I fell in love with the city, because everywhere you go, there is a vegan option! I decided to put together my top 5 list of the places you should definitely check out whilst your stay in Berlin!

Here are my TOP 5 vegan musts in Berlin:

1. Berlin Strength

Berlin Strength is probably the coolest gym I’ve ever been to. On top of it being a powerlifting gym with lots of racks and barbells, it’s also owned by a vegan guy, who happens to be from Finland as well! The atmosphere is so friendly, everyone greets you and I felt like home the first day I walked inside Berlin Strength.

Though the atmosphere being friendly, everybody is still serious of what they do! No texting or scrolling social media between sets (which is sadly every day in some classic bodybuilding gyms). I could really sense that everybody had a no bullshit attitude inside those walls. Heavy shit is being lifted whilst metal music is blasting in the background.

They also have vegan supplements in sale, and I found my absolute new favourite protein powder there! It’s called Nutri+ Shape & Shake, I fell in love with the coconut flavour. This is a big praise, because mixed with plant milk the consistency actually reminds me of whey and casein blend! And that is a lot to be said. This particular one I bought was a mix of soy and wheat protein. I think it is a local, not that big business yet, but I found they sell it in the German Amazon (click here)!

Overall my experience with Berlin Strength was amazing, and I can’t wait to get back there the next time I visit Berlin. Find Berlin Strength here: Website / Facebook / Instagram / Address: Revaler Straße 99, 10245 Berlin


2. Veganz

Veganz is the vegan grocery store chain in Berlin. I believe they have three branches at the moment all around Berlin, and one in Prague. I don’t even know where to start… Well, if you are vegan, you probably know how annoying it is to check every single label just to make sure the product you are buying is vegan. “Why the hell does this have milk powder in it???” said every vegan ever right?

Well, that is not a problem with Veganz. Everything they sell is vegan, so shopping there is so so convenient. I did all my grocery shopping in Berlin there, because well, the law of demand and supply. I always want to support fully vegan brands when I can, because the more we buy, the more there will be supply, right?

Veganz is fully “equipped” store, having everything from fresh fruits and veggies to milks and yogurts, fake meats, frozen foods, sweets and chocolates. And the list goes on. Definitely worth to visit! Find Veganz here: Website / Facebook / Instagram

3. The Bowl

Upstairs from the Veganz Friedrichshain’s branch is a health food restaurant called The Bowl. The bowl serves all vegan, gluten free and “clean eating” foods focused on smoothie and buddha bowls.

I tried several of their “bowls” and kept going back, because the food there was just so well put together and tasty! Everything you order from the list will be healthy, full of nutrients and colours. Food for all health, eyes and soul! Find The Bowl here: Website / Facebook / Instagram / Address: Warschauer Str. 33, 10243 Berlin


4. Rawtastic

Along the Danzigerstrasse lies one of the best culinary experience in Berlin. Rawtastic is all raw and plant based restaurant, serving raw pizza, kelp noodles, smoothie bowls and so on.

I had a tasting platter, which had 5 of the day’s specials. The tasting platter was really fireworks in my mouth! So flavourful and some totally new flavour combinations I’ve never tasted before. Find Rawtastic here: Website / Facebook / Instagram / Address: Danziger Str. 16, 10435 Berlin


5. Eiskontor Berlin / The Vegan Choice

Last but not least, the place to treat yourself! The Vegan Choice (before known as Eiskontor) is all vegan ice cream place with lots of flavours to choose from. Just one pro tip, do not go there just before closing, because of its popularity almost all the flavors might be gone by then! Find Eiskontor here: Facebook / Address: Danziger Str. 65, 10435 Berlin

And at last, here are the vlogs I filmed in Berlin. They have more in detail my experiences on the vegan food scene in Berlin, so if you are still curious, check them out!




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