I started my travel around the world with a big BOOM (if you get the joke then you are already my friend) by attending the biggest and most epic EDM festival on this planet – Tomorrowland, held in Belgium (I was in the first weekend). First of all, if you are familiar with the concept of Tomorrowland, your first question might be: “How the hell did you get the tickets??”

Tickets for Tomorrowland are known to sell out in minutes, and the cheapest ones in seconds. I happened to get the best and the cheapest package without having to deal with the chaos of the actual ticket sale day. You always have to pre-register for the tickets, and for every country, 20 first pre-registered will automatically get the tickets to the festival. Well, I was one of the 20 first to register in Finland! The whole 3-day festival with camping and The Gathering (pre-party in the camping area before the actual festival) cost about 350€. I know people who have paid nearly 1000 euros for the same tickets second hand, so we got it easy!

My travel around the world started with the same eyes (no sleep the night before, apparently too excited about the trip to start) as we left Finland around 4:30am. First, we flew to Brussels, Belgium and then took a shuttle bus to Boom, where Tomorrowland takes place. Placing the tents was a huge chaos, everyone was throwing their tents to where ever they found space, us following the masses. It was so hilarious, everyone shouting “here!!” “no there!!” as people ran back and forth trying to find an optimal place for their tents. After all the hassle we were set, and we needed a little meditation moment to calm down before the storm.



So the party begins. The camping area, called DreamVille, has one stage of its own, where the pre-party The Gathering takes place. Since it was our group’s first time in Tomorrowland, we took the afternoon to explore DreamVille and then of course, rave in The Gathering. To be honest, The Gathering was one of the best nights of the whole festival! Met so many cool people & really felt the theme of the whole festival: Amicorum Spectaculum – gathering of friends.

Friday (the first actual festival day) morning I was the first one to wake up. I literally froze to death the night before, because I had only brought silk sleeping bag with me, which was a big mistake. Nowhere near warm enough for Belgium nights. But, I was so excited I was up like 8am, couldn’t hold myself together!

Our group split into two, and we had nice brekky at the Alpro booth (yay vegan represent), and we were chilling in the Chill Out Zone until the festival gates opened. In the Chill Out Zone, you can play tennis, beach volley, or lay in banana hammocks and fatboys while DJ is playing live music. Such a cool place.


It was a long queue to the festival area with a lot of security and drug dogs, but we made it! I can’t even describe the experience when we first walked into Tomorrowland. It was everything we expected, but 10 times more. I don’t even try to explain it, because you truly can’t comprehend the epicness of the festival area unless you’ve experienced it yourself. All the details and decorations, you could easily spend hours just looking at the details of the stages, everything was so well put together! Truly magical!


The afternoon we just walked around, not really listening to full sets, because we just wanted to adventure around the festival area. I had a nice acai bowl, and the first epic set was to be Jauz, one of my all-time favorite DJ! After little drama outside the festival area (one of our group member couldn’t get in, because the Tomorrowland team had screwed up with his bracelet that he had lost the night before, that was a big thumbs down for the arrangements), but after 3 or more hours outside the festival area we managed to get everyone in. So the party continues!


First couple of minutes of all of us in, and I had already lost my whole crew haha! We couldn’t find each other (if you lose someone in Tomorrowland, you will never ever find them again, that’s a rule of thumb). Jauz, on Main Stage, was as epic as I expected, and we reunited after that set to head to The House of Books for Alok’s set. Alok had honestly the best set for the whole weekend, I still get chills when I think of it.

Next, we headed to Rose Garden to see Krewella, one of the first DJ’s who introduced me to EDM. It was so nice since we listened the whole set together just because I wanted to (to be honest Krewella is not the ”hottest” in EDM world nowadays, but I have a special bond with them so it was important to me). My friends said that we’ll do it because I was the one who got us there. Teary eyed when I think how amazing friends I have!


Friday was the ultimate best night of whole weekend, we had so much fun, even though some of us lost our money, cameras, phones, everything. But that happens every festival, right? I still think with warm feelings about the night of raving, friends and euphoria.


Saturday was another hell of a night! None of my favorite DJ’s played that night, but we had good fun. I had a little melt down in the morning hours, but well, feeling all the feelings in Tomorrowland right?



Sunday again was another epic chaos. It was super gloomy and when Alle Farben’s – one of my must see – set was about to begin the sky opened. I was in the front row, it was POURING rain (I had never seen such a heavy rain in my life), but I was raving like it was my last day. Such a memorable moment, couldn’t feel my legs or hands, but I still had the best time. The same continued with Jonas Blue, and at some point, I was so hypothermic that the only thing I could think of was the first aid.




Well, I didn’t give up because Lost Frequencies was about to play on Main Stage. He is another DJ I have a special bond with, because he was the one who sucked me into the EDM world with no return! I made some new friends in the front row, and that was one of the most memorable set of the whole weekend. When “Are You With Me” hit, I was looking over the whole crowd, raving like crazy and thinking just wow, what is this life even?!

We spend the rest of the time on Main Stage watching the epic light show and fireworks. I just remember thinking “this is the start”. This is me doing something totally for myself. Exploring the world, living the moments, being spontaneous af, and experiencing life.

The clearest memory of Tomorrowland was definitely the feeling of uniting. Everyone was your best friend from the moment you met them, I was left with so many new strong bonds with people around the world, who I will definitely see again when I visit their home countries. Tomorrowland was everything I could imagine in my wildest dreams, and even more. Post Tomorrowland blues is horrible, because all you can think of is how epic it was and now you have to wait one full year to experience it again. Thank you the people of tomorrow, I will definitely be back next year!



And at last, here’s a little aftermovie I made of the festival. I hope it portrays even a glimpse of the magical feelings and moments I felt. Melodies make the best memories. ❤


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